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Wenling Jiayang Capacitor Co.,Ltd

wenling jiayang capacitor co., ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of metallized polypropylene film capacitors. we specialize in cbb and cd series capacitors, which are widely used for micro water pump, washing machine, cleaning machine, air compressor etc. our company is located in wenling, zhejiang province which is famous for its beautiful scenery.


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  • Main Functions Of Capacitors


    3d试机号千禧试机号关注家彩网charging the process of charging capacitors with electricity (storing charge and electricity) is called charge. at this time, th

  • Basic Introduction Of Capacitors


    3d试机号千禧试机号关注家彩网capacitors are made up of two electrodes and the dielectric materials between them. the dielectric material is an dielectric, wh

  • What Is A Capacitor?


    3d试机号千禧试机号关注家彩网capacitors, usually referred to as their ability to hold charge, are capacitors, expressed in letter c. definition 1: capacitors

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